How the Make-A-Wish Foundation is Moving From Promotional to Social

I recently penned a guest blog post for Beth Kanter, one of the foremost experts on nonprofit marketing, online and offline, measurement, and social strategies. Below is a note from her that prefaces my guest blog post, and a snippet from my post, along with a link to the full piece.

Note from Beth: I’m working on the sequel to the Networked Nonprofit – it is a book about using measurement to prove and improve results with the Measurement Goddess KD Paine.  (Her  recent book, Measuring What Matters, is a must read.)

So, lately, I’ve been on the hunt for good nonprofit measurement stories.   Last week, I read Jocelyn Harmon’s post about Nonprofit Facebook Fail and in the comments, Petri Darby refers to the dramatic increase of visits to his nonprofit’s Make-A-Wish Foundation Web site.  He goes onto say how they are focusing their integrated strategy on a metric that matters:  conversions.

This resonated after reading KD Paine’s “Social Media Measurement Meets Sex in the City” that talks about the importance of tracking your strategy to understand how to get people to become life long supporters.    The goal is not exposure.

Petri’s post shares a few thoughts about how his organization is focusing on the relationships through connection, not just traffic.

Recently, we adopted a new vision for and our online channels, including social networks.  Our focus has shifted from transactional to connecting and engaging key constituencies over the long-term, and empowering them as brand ambassadors and advocates.

Read the rest of this guest blog post featured on Beth Kanter’s blog.