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Hurricane Ike – power’s out

Our power went out a little while ago, so the candles are lit. We and our next door neighbors are on a different power grid than the rest of the neighborhood and the other three houses still have power. We usually keep our house pretty cool at night and thankfully Ike is bringing down temps so we shouldn’t roast without air conditioning. It is a good reminder of those who live without air conditioning and electricity in hotter climates.

The wind gusts are probably in the 30-40 mph range, but still no rain. We’re thinking that we should get a couple hours rest, as Ike probably wpon’t let us rest long, if at all.

We expected to lose power, but hoped it wouldn’t happen this soon. And we hope it doesn’t remain out for long.

I’m blogging from my Blackberry, and need to turn it off to conserve its juice. Night night for now. Could be back soon.

Where do reporters go?

I think that reporters at newspapers and TV stations across the country are disappearing into a wormhole or something. Four reporters at different media outlets expressed interest in the stories I pitched and even highlighted particular days that they were available. When I contacted them to confirm, I didn’t hear back. Now, after multiple follow up e-mails and calls, I’m hearing nothing.

I understand that people get busy. But I don’t really understand why they stop responding completely. So I assume they have been sucked into the nether regions of space and their cell phones don’t have intergalactic coverage.

Stephen Hawking, where could these folks have gone?

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Republican Debate: Drats, taping stopped

The debate must have run over. My DVR stopped and the debate apparently ran over and i hadn’t set the system to record longer than the two hours.

In any case, I doubt this campaign is really going to change the Republican race. I didn’t think Giuliani had a great night, but he held up, which is good enough. Romney never quite got his footing, finding himself stammering and on the defensive several times. Huckabee continued his easygoing, friendly style and mixed it up a bit with Romney, which may help him a bit. McCain came out swinging against Paul and Romney. But I don’t think it was on any of the issues that are going to draw folks away from those candidates. And even if that happens, McCain likely won’t be the one to benefit. Paul will continue to get the Republican anti-war vote.

Can’t wait until the next debate.

American Debate: Thompson’s style

I no longer think that Fred Thompson was playing a character on Law and Order. I think he was being exactly who he is. Every time he answers a question, he looks like he’s a prosecutor giving a press conference. He sounds like he’s just rattling off information. You just don’t FEEL him like you do some of the others. He’s been described as “Reagonesque” – he even compares himself to Reagan (although that’s not rare in a group of Republican presidential contenders) – but he certainly doesn’t come across like Reagan.

Republican Debate: McCain: "Torture a defining issue"

McCain slammed Romney for not being clear about what he believes is or is not torture and said that torture is a defining issue in the campaign because it helps distinguis the United States from terrorist nations. Romney was clearly uncomfortable and trying to be very careful – as he should be in a debate with a former tortured soldier.

In past days, Romney has chastised Barack Obama for airing his past drug use and has said that presidential candidates should not be sharing their dirty laundry because it sets a bad example for children. Now he says that presidential candidates should not talk about what techniques they would use to glean information from enemy combantants. I wonder whether Romney will face criticism for not being more transparent, just as Hillary Clinton has been criticized for the same thing by her Democratic opponents.

Republican Debate: The "A" Word

A woman asked a question about what penalty a woman should receive if abortion becomes illegal.

Thompson walked through a process-oriented answer regarding what would have to happen in the public policy and legal arenas in order to get to that point, but never really answered the question. And it’s probably smart for him to avoid that, especially considering that, according to statistics I’ve read, 40 percent of women have had an abortion. I’m even surprised by those numbers, but I’m guessing the candidates are not. Who wants to tell four out of ten women than they deserve to be punished?

Republican Debate: Black on Black Crime

Romney said that the answer to reducing inner city strife is “getting more moms and dads.” I’m curious as to what that entails and how the government plays a role in that. He also said that education is key. It’s not likely that any Republican will get a significant amount of the Black vote this election cycle no matter what they say, but minorities are not likely to hear much that appeals to them until the general election.

Giuliani parlayed the question into an opportunity to again showcase his record as Mayor of New York and he and Romney dueled again over each other’s roles and success in reducing crime. Neither seems to have taken the upper hand in upstaging the other. It’s really tit-for-tat thus far. Should be interesting to see if one can rise above in this debate.

Republican Debate: Thompson uses video to attack

Each candidate got to present a :30 second campaign video, in the YouTube style. Tom Tancredo’s ran first and positioned him against Hillary Clinton, but even the segments featuring him were awkward and non-articulate. The piece was disjointed and just plain wierd.

Fred Thompson’s used video of Romney supporting abortion and Huckabee showing acceptance for tax cuts. Romney responded by saying, “I was wrong… And I will never apologize for now being pro-life.” Huckabee answered the question and then finished in his classic style with, “If you’re getting kicked, it just means that you’re still out front.”

Thompson has faltered recently, dropping in the polls, and needs to start attacking. But he also needs to start providing some glimpses of passion, inspiration, vision, and likability. So far, he’s done none of that. Questions of work ethic and true interest in the highest position in the land still abound.